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Oppo X 2021 Concept Phone Shows Rolling Screen With Push Button

Oppo X 2021

In addition to the smartphones with foldable displays that are already available, some manufacturers also want devices with a rolling screen. Oppo has now presented a concept phone in which the display size can be increased from 6.7 to 7.4 inches if required.

On the occasion of the second annual so-called Oppo Innovation Day, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer presented the so-called Oppo X 2021. The device should be able to enlarge the display with a motorized drive by pressing a button. The display then grows from 6.7 to 7.4 inches and turns the smartphone into a kind of small tablet.

To implement the whole thing, Oppo uses a slide-on housing into which an OLED-based display is built into the frame on one side. Basically, Oppo uses an ‘adjustable slatted frame’ as a substructure for the display, whereby the screen is guided by a kind of “roller motor” if necessary to enable a stable construction. The housing works like a drawer.

Several sizes possible

As the manufacturer emphasized, the display size is not really fixed. If desired, the user could stop the process of extending or retracting the screen at any position. So you can practically choose freely selectable sizes, which can be anywhere between the 6.7 inches in the retracted state and the maximum possible 7.4 inches.

The user interface of the smartphone adapts flexibly and switches between optics optimized for mobile phones while extending to a design that is otherwise familiar from tablets. Oppo did not provide any further technical details about its concept smartphone with a retractable roll-up display. For the time being, the device remains a kind of design study, but in the long term the aim is to commercialize corresponding products for the mass market and bring them onto the market “at the right time”.

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