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Oppo To Launch Smart TV Product Next Year

On the first anniversary of the commercialization of 5G networks, OPPO released a long chart to review the company’s technical layout, R&D investment, and product aspects in related areas. At present, OPPO’s product layout in the 5G field is mainly concentrated on smartphones. Other products include OPPO Watch, OPPO 5G CPE T1, and so on. On this long picture of OPPO, one point worth noting is that there are also products of the TV category.

According to the content disclosed by OPPO’s vice president Liu Bo in an interview with the media, OPPO will launch its first smart TV product within the year and enter the smart TV industry. OPPO’s first smart TV will be released in the second half of this year, focusing on the positioning of home entertainment centers. Combined with OPPO’s newly announced 5G layout picture, this company will layout 5G products in four categories: personal, family, travel, and office, and TV products have also appeared.

Don’t know if OPPO hints that it will launch 5G smart TV products through the content of the long picture, but I personally think it is unlikely. OPPO’s entry into the smart home appliance market is indeed something to look forward to.

After the earliest batch of smart and connected TV manufacturers such as Xiaomi, LeTV, Storm, and other companies promoted the concept of smart connected TV, Huawei and OnePlus also announced their entry into this market in the past two years. As a new batch of brands enters the smart TV industry, the positioning of smart TVs may change from the previous smart Internet TV positioning to 5G.

From the perspective of the Internet of Things, the new smart TVs may also assume the positioning of the smart home hub. In addition, as more manufacturers enter the smart TV industry, I am actually expecting different manufacturers to bring more new features that are more in line with the times for smart TV products, because traditional TV sets basically let the new generation Abandoned products, holding an iPad, basically would not go to watch TV anymore. So, how do these manufacturers pull users from the iPad screen back to the TV screen?