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Twitter Breaks Record: Highest Number Of Downloads In One Day Amid Protests


The launch of the Twitter platform began with demonstrations. Those of the Arab Spring, in 2011. By its nature and its immediacy, the microblogging platform had enabled, with other social networks, the demonstrators to organize themselves and bypass the official media clamped down by the governments. In the other countries, it was an open window allowing us to follow the events live, without filter, and to understand the reality on the ground.

In 2020, these are still events that are marking the history of the social network. According to Sensor Tower, a company that measures the popularity of applications, Twitter had its biggest week, both in terms of the number of downloads of the mobile application and, logically enough, in terms of audience. The application was downloaded a million times on Monday, June 1, and almost as many on Tuesday, June 2, as noted by the Techcrunch site. 

Videos or photos of demonstrations triggered by the death of George Floyd, peaceful marches, police reactions, looting scenes, etc. have been widely disseminated, shared, relayed in the United States, and beyond. Since January 1, 2014, the date on which Sensor Tower started posting its data on Twitter,

Jack Dorsey’s platform also has record audience figures in the United States and internationally.

40 million active users on Wednesday

The same trend is observed by Apptopia, another company, even if its figures differ slightly. For her, Wednesday 3 was the strongest day in terms of downloads with 677,000 worldwide: 140,000 in the United States, the rest coming mainly from the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and Mexico.

Because the American events were not the only engine of the exceptional week carried out by Twitter. The Covid-19 crisis, still very virulent in Latin America and in certain regions of the world, continues to be the subject of intense research and information sharing by international users. According to Apptopia, June 3 marked another record: that of the number of daily active users in the United States, with 40 million people logged into the application that day. 

When the results for the first quarter of 2020 were published, Twitter claimed 33 million active daily users. Its next results in July will allow us to have more precise data and to know to what extent the company’s accounts will have benefited from these flourishing days.