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Orkut is Back – Say ‘Hello’, let’s connect

An ex-Google Employee Orkut Buyukkokten who was the founder of the popular social media site Orkut has returned with a new social networking app called Hello. The app has launched in India.

Co-founder & CEO of San Francisco-based Hello Network Inc Orkut Buyukkokten said, “The social landscape has immensely changed in the past decade where everything has evolved from browsers to mobile phones. Earlier, people were getting introduced to social networking platform like Orkut for the first time, but Hello will be a new and very different experience to this mobile-friendly generation. We designed Hello to help you make connections in the real world. It’s a social network built on love, not likes, and I’m delighted to say ‘Hello’ to India once again.”

In the light of the recent Facebook controversy, Buyukkokten feels that ‘Hello’ app is being created for the users to develop meaningful, real and long-term relationships.

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He informed, “We don’t share our user’s data and neither do we look at private conversations between the users. We have a reputation system called Karma where the user can gain reputation based on interaction with people. When a user signs up, they are asked about five things that they are passionate about and then get recommendations that are non-intrusive. Our network graph not just follows the front profile but also interests, personality, reputation, and karma. Hence, it makes the interaction discoverable and authentic around shared passions.”

The identity of the app in the words of the CEO is that “At the heart, it is all about communities and we have designed the entire experience around communities people are passionate about. Today’s online network forces people to treat each other totally differently from how they would behave face-to-face. Technology should help us become more understanding, more optimistic, kinder and better people.”

Currently, this app is available in Brazil and for many months it was in test mode in India. Now it can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play Store. The web version of the app will be available soon as well.

Buyukkokten said, “Hello is my fourth social network venture and we start with a clean slate. Orkut was the beginning of a journey but Hello is like a spiritual successor of Orkut and a confirmation of the journey. If we look at the past, we are bringing the best of Orkut in knowledge.”