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PEACE Cable System – Pakistan to be linked with China’s Backed Submarine Cable

Pakistan is a country that just had few hundred GBs of bandwidth, some years ago. Today Pakistan can control TBs of data every second. Today, new submarine cable systems are being added and Pakistan is receiving a huge amount of internet bandwidth.

Now another submarine cable called Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) is being added that will have two landing points in Pakistan, one in Gwadar and other in Karachi. It will stretch across the continents of Europe and Africa.

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The positioning and placement of this new modern submarine cable have already begun. Huawei Marine will build this cable and Tropic Science Co., Ltd. will fund it. The telecom giant PCCW Global will manage it.

The local landing and global connectivity partners of this project will be Cybernet and Jazz

The total capacity of the cable will be 60Tbps. The technology it is based upon is 200G DWDM technology.

It is pertinent to mention here that present Pakistan’s cable systems have lower capacity. AAE-1 locally partnered with PTCl has a capacity of 40Tbps while SMW-5 locally partnered with Transworld has 24Tbps capacity.

Starting from Pakistan the cable will connect to Djibouti and a few African, European and Middle Eastern nations. It will end in France in the first phase. In the second phase, the cable will connect with more countries in Eastern Asia.

The aim of PEACE Submarine Cable System backed by China is to offer improved connectivity options in the African, European and Asian market, with Pakistan being the main recipient.

In 2019, when this PEACE cable system will become functional, it will be Pakistan’s most inventive, modern and advanced submarine cable system. It will connect Pakistan with outside world and will offer more capacity, improving the overall internet connections & system of Pakistan.

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