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Outlook and Google Calendar are now better integrated

Various tech companies have introduced their unique versions of similar services. If a user utilizes these different services by different companies, then a problem might be encountered. In such scenarios, we come across examples that show us the integration between companies for that particular service. However, such examples are not quite common but they exist.

One just recent case is with Google and Microsoft integration. Recently, Google announced that Google Calendar will now be better integrated with Outlook. Given the business environment, companies and organizations use different ecosystems. Google and Microsoft offer amazing office suites that are used by business communities and other related professions equally. There is a possibility that a user might have to use both. Outlook is a business standard introduced by Microsoft. However, it is restricted in several ways. In addition to this, Outlook has recently added support for Gmail accounts as well.

Google Calendar is now integrated with Outlook

Google has shared the recent development via a blog post. The firm has named it a Calendar Interop. Via this new feature, the events set up on Google Calendar will automatically be synced to an Outlook account. In this way, it will be easier for users to efficiently manage stuff at their end.

Using the new feature Calendar Interop requires a setup process. The company has detailed the setup process. However, there is a catch with this new feature. It is only available to Enterprise users. so, if you are a basic or free user then this feature is not available for you.

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