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Gmail accounts that are inactive for two years will be deleted by Google

Gmail data hungry functions

Most of the users out there hold a number of different accounts. Users tend to make different accounts for different purposes. Later on, some of them are left and never used again. Well, this thing has been noticed by Google and the company is all set to take action against such accounts. As per the recent pieces of information from 9to5Google, Google will delete the Gmail accounts that have had no activity for the past two years.

Inactive Gmail accounts will be deleted by Google

The word ‘inactive’ here is relevant to those accounts that have not been used for straight two years. In case a user has logged into an abandoned Gmail account, then there is no point of worry for them. Since it doesn’t matter whether a user is actively using the email account or not.

Some of the users might be concerned about their data. Calm down since Google won’t take any action until December 2023. During this time period, the company will notify users before deleting their accounts. The reminder notifications will be sent to the primary email address and the recovery email address if a user has been assigned one.

What will be deleted?

Well, almost everything. Whether it is the photos or videos or the Google Drive files. Google has mentioned that YouTube videos won’t be deleted. Google is utilizing this strategy as a security measure. Since old Google accounts might not be authenticated with two-step verification. Because of this, they could be conveniently filtered out and such data is at risk of being stolen.

One thing to notice here is that Google won’t allow repurposing of email accounts. So, if you wish to proceed with your old Google accounts it is advised to sign in now and figure out things as soon as possible.