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Paid Search Network vs. Display Network: Which Is Better for Conversion

Paid Search Network vs Display network

Prior to delving into the discussion on paid search network vs display network, it is imperative to let the readers know what actually the term, Conversion means. It is actually a metric of measuring the number of clicks or the impressions your blog or website garnered after being clicked or viewed by the audience. On the basis of the conversion rates, every advertisement on your site is then rated. The question may arise as how the conversion rates are calculated? Well hold your breaths as we have the formula for this conundrum too. The conversion rates are calculated by taking the total number of conversions and dividing this number by the total number of advertisement clicks a certain ad collected within a stipulated passage of time. No need to worry about these mathematical conversions as all of these are done by various software programs and you only get the results.

The inclusion of conversion rates in the advertisement campaigns have truly redefined the ad campaign paradigm by introducing state of the art methods and algorithms advanced enough to leave behind any contributing factor so far. Amongst a populated list of conversion strategies, we are going to talk about the Paid Search Network and Display Network strategy and their working mechanism as what actually do they do and which one is superior to its counterpart and why.

Paid Search Network vs. Display Network

Here we will be measuring both the strategies by individually describing them and then we will conclude as which one leads ahead.

Paid Search Network

Paid Search Network basically expands the horizon of advertisement and you ad garners more viewership as it is being disseminated across the whole region even where your brand has not yet been introduced. With this strategy, your advertisements will stand eligible to be showcased on quite a good ranking on Google SERPs. It’s just the start of the story. If you are not satisfied or you want to boost up the viewership, you can also extend the targeting audience which tends to use the smaller search engines like Bing, AOL, Yahoo and the like. Such groups comprising a network of smaller search engines are known as “Search Partners”. Another perk which you can avail while adopting Paid Search Advertisement strategy is, the advertising format you will have to deal with, is quite effective, smooth and self-explanatory. It aims to target active searchers who are in dire need of finding something.

An example depicted in the image shows a person who is in need of a plumber, upon submitting the query, lands at the results where the list is populated with both the paid ads and organic sheets. For sure the plumbers will be interested in the active members seeking help rather than a passive one because they need to get employed as soon as possible. Another point in displaying ads using the paid search network is that it allows the plumbers to mention some meta-information like contact number, address, rates and some more additional links which makes it easier for the plumber seekers. Since the Paid Search Networks bridges the advertisers directly to those searching for something, that’s why the paid search campaigns are more likely to give you more conversion rates.

Paid Search Vs Display Search

When Exactly to Use Paid Search Network Campaign:

After much research and gathering information from credible sources, we have found that you should go for Paid Search Network campaign if:

  1. You are restricted to a limited budget. The paid search network campaign will prove fruitful in this situation because it will yield better conversion rates in lesser possible time and your PPC efforts will not go unrewarded.

  2. You have an emergency product to sell. For the services which are asked on when-needed basis, advertisement using paid search will facilitate both the demand and supply ends by providing the services at the time of need. By doing this, not only will the services be rendered in time, but also it will give you best conversion rates.

Display Network

The debate on Paid Search Network vs Display Network is about to get more interesting as we are about to unleash the potential you can avail with the Display advertisement campaign. Apart from various paid search networks, Google has also introduced another effective advertisement strategy for the marketers and advertisers to get benefit from. If you are in need to post your ads on a huge number of websites across the internet, the strategy for you to adopt is the Display Network campaign. A vast collection of websites including social media sites, blogs, epapers sites, and even Youtube, falls under the category of Display Networks.

According to a report published by Google itself. The Display Network comprises an overall mesh of about 2 million sites and once you have posted an ad on Google Display Network (GDN). Rest assured that your add will reach up to 90% of the internet users across the globe. One factor which somehow restricts the users to click on an advertisement is the credibility of the advertiser whom the ad is from. Talking about the conversion rates being given by the GDN, well no any obvious aspect can be adopted as for those who have maintained a good profile among advertisers, are of the view that GDN is the only way to boost your conversion rates and those who haven’t yet mastered the technique of boosting their adds using GDN, don’t think of it as an effective strategy to get remarkable conversion rates.

When Exactly to Use Display Network Campaign:

The Display Network advertising strategy should be used if:

  1. You want the audience to get familiar to the product you are selling. Many advertisers and marketers use Display Network for promoting the brand awareness. The conversion rates will be high as the targeted audience is in bulk so rest assured you won’t be shooting in the dark.
  2. Your want to facilitate the lengthy sale process of your product as the product you are selling is less likely to attract the attention of many. So in case someone plans to buy, your ad should be one popping in their minds.


Always go for the dual network strategy. As we have seen the perks and lows of both the strategies. In order to remain on the safe side, do adopt both the strategies and then determine yourself what suits you the best. About the conversion rates, both the strategies may garner best conversion rates. But you must be aware of the techniques of successfully employing your ad for the audience.

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