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Pakistan Digital & Business Highlights 2017

Ride-hailing companies:

Ride-hailing companies like Careem & Uber got recognized this year. While the business of ride-hailing companies went up in Pakistan, the business of traditional taxis went down.

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Pakistan Airlines:

While the traditional airlines of Pakistan like PIA had a disappointing year yet again news of new airlines starting operation in Pakistan circulated. AirSial is a new airline that will start operating in the country.


Three new smartphones were released by three biggest tech companies Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei Mate 10 released this year. iPhone X was a disappointment at many levels while the other two met the expectations of the audiences.

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Airports in Pakistan:

Four new airports might develop in Pakistan by 2018. It was expected that Islamabad New Airport will develop by December 2017 but as per recent news, its inauguration is delayed again.

Pakistan Banks 2017:

Bank Alfalah was granted best bank of Pakistan for the year 2017, MCB Pakistan’s best investment bank and Meezan Bank was regarded the best Islamic Bank of the year.

Pakistan Cricket:

2017 was a great year for Pakistan cricket. Pakistan won ICC Champions Trophy beating India, thus making history. Sri Lankan team visited Pakistan after eight years. 2017 can be called the revival year of Pakistan Cricket.

Pakistan Politics:

The only news worth mentioning in Pakistan politics is that Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified this year.

Cars in Pakistan

150000 units of new Honda car were sold in Pakistan this year, till now. For the month of September 2017, Suzuki led car sales beating Toyota and Honda. Overall this year again Toyota remained on top in Pakistan auto sector. First Tesla car also landed in Pakistan this year.

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Startups & Entrepreneurs 2017:

The startups that emerged in Pakistan this year include Sayr.pk, Sehat Kahani, Vheelz, Trash It etc. Startup environment in Pakistan was encouraged. Careem partnered with Idea Croron ka to encourage startups in Pakistan, similarly Uber started UberPITCH to support startups.

New Apps in Pakistan 2017:

KPK introduced an app to curb discrepancies, RASTA app was introduced to solve traffic problems of Lahore, Smart City App for Islamabad was introduced, so on and so forth.

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Viral apps in 2017:

Sarahah App and VEON app got viral in Pakistan in 2017. In just a few days of their release in the country, they gained huge popularity.

Tech violent games launched in Pakistan:

Blue Whale Challenge can be called as the most violent game launched in Pakistan in 2017. The game encouraged teens to commit suicide to win the game.

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