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Microsoft Kills Outlook.com Premium, Pushing Features in Office 365

Microsoft brought Outlook.com premium features to its Office 365 subscribers, yesterday that is on October 30th. Microsoft is killing its separate Outlook.com premium service of dollar 49.95 per year for the new subscribers altogether. Now, if an individual wants to avail ad-free Outlook.com the user then need to subscribe to Office 365. If one is already a subscriber of Office 365 then the changes would automatically occur.

Ad-free searching of Outlook.com Premium is the most important feature, the users will also be getting additional mailbox storage. All the Office 365 subscribers would be upgraded to a mailbox storage of 50GB provided that they are already using 12GB or much more.

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The software giant is also offering much-improved malware scanning security that would check all the links shared in an email and free technical assistance to Outlook.com mailing accounts. It would also offer enhanced spam detection feature that would scan all the email attachments. For availing these features the users now have to get an Office 365 subscription.

Upon sharing the subscription of Office 365 every member would receive these benefits immediately.

The custom domain assistance in Outlook.com Premium would only be availed by the existing users and would be closed for the new subscribers as per the details from a support document published on the web by the tech giant. Already present subscribers can renew their subscriptions for getting continued subscription advantages at the same price.
Another support document indicates that Microsoft would keep on supporting custom domains for the current subscribers, but eventually, its goal is to end the service completely. And at that time the customers would be provided a method for transferring their domains to other service providers.

In terms of pricing Office 365 subscription charges are $70 slightly more than that of the Outlook.com Premium but it offers a wider range of functionality as it provides access to software like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Still, it needs to be seen that how much of Outlook.com Premium’s functionality is made available and also how much time it would take to happen altogether. According to Microsoft, some features are already added to Office 365, but no chalked timeline is given relating the remaining transitions.

Office 365’s subscription is obviously being boosted by the Microsoft for its users. It is surprising that Outlook.com Premium did not last long on its own even though it was just launched in February this year.

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