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Pakistan Government’s YouTube Channel Suspended

As per the local vlogger, Irfan Junejo a clip/footage taken by him was used without his permission by Pakistan’s government. Thus, the official YouTube account of Pakistan’s government was suspended. On basis of copyright violation, the account has been suspended.

Irfan Junejo, Pakistan’s new sensation on YouTube is famous for his travelogues. Now a clip was used by Pakistan Government in their YouTube video prompting ‘Family-friendly activities in Pakistan’. The clip was taken from Junejo’s travelogues, without his permission.


Junejo claims that his permission was never taken before using the clips. Thus he registered a copyright infringement complaint to YouTube against Pakistani government

He said, “My clips have been stolen before by other groups and media channels, however, the government of Pakistan ‘stealing’ them and then trying to say ‘I should be proud of it’, is what hurt me the most.”

The YouTube channel of Junejo has almost 88,000 subscribers and on average he gets almost 50,000 views on his videos.

The Pakistani government, to their defense, said that via their YouTube channel they try to promote a positive image of Pakistan. The video clip in question had almost 400 views before the channel was taken off “due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

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Coordinator/Focal Person Social Media Cell Govt of Pakistan Zaigham Abbas, said, “We gave him video credits in the description of the video and we are promoting the work of local photographers and videographers.”


Junejo said that “just giving video credits does not mean you have permission to use the clips,”.

Furthermore, Junejo said that if the government asked for his permission before uploading it he “would have made a better video for them [Pakistani government]”, but “it’s wrong to steal somebody’s intellectual property and even worse to then defend it by saying everybody should be proud of it.”


The copyright rule is clear you can not plagiarize, copy anyone’s work without their permission, so the government here is answerable to Junejo.

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