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Pakistan To Launch Local Versions Of Facebook: Twitter And WhatsApp Like China


Due to the previous bad experiences with Facebook where Government of Pakistan requested Facebook to give access to some user data who were involved in character assassination and violating local laws on social media. But Facebook denied the access to user data. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan the Interior minister looks committed to initiated comprehensive strategy to impede character assassinations of any kind on social media platforms.

IM has directed officials to consult with PTA and IT companies of Pakistan in order to develop a system which could be controlled locally. He added that local versions of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp should be introduced in Pakistan.

Freedom of expression should always be respected but character assassination of anyone must not be allowed on social media, it seems social media is working to spread hatred rather than freedom of expression, said the minister.

He also pointed out Facebook denial of data access and said, “It was really disappointing for us that Facebook management has refused data access for justifiable cause which was valid, they denied to understand the sensitivity of the case” It would be prudent for use to make such things which do have clash with international laws.

China As An Example

Chinese nation have their own versions of social media applications, China even has its own local search engine, China has Wechat an app similar to WhatsApp, They have their own local twitter version Weibo and Renren is the Chinese version of Facebook which has over 160 million users in China. If China can make local versions of these famous social media networks then Pakistan is also poised to make them for good cause. Government should step forward to take this initiative.




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5 thoughts on “Pakistan To Launch Local Versions Of Facebook: Twitter And WhatsApp Like China

    1. Bilal do you think its worth using other social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, have you ever read their permissions, these sites are already accessing your personal data, then why not for your own security?

      1. No, I have never read the long guidelines, terms or conditions from any social networking sites. But, I know they must have written something about accessing and sharing my personal data in case of dispute of otherwise.

        However, my question still remains – who’d sign up when they’re already told that their data would be accessed and used by authorities?

        1. It depends bilal, if you have no hidden agendas then you will not hesitate signing up, knowing the fact that most apps and networks already access your data with your permissions. If they have strong privacy policies communicated to users, then I don’t think any noble person would have problem signing up.

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