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Pakistani Hackers Compel India To Upgrade Their Mobile Phone Security

The Indian government is working to establish their own technology to fight hackers intercepting calls of high ranking officials of India. High-end technology would soon be completed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing in Hyderabad.

Sensitive information has leaked before from smartphones of Indian officials. They don’t have a safe and secure system to protect mobile conversations.

Pakistani hackers were targeted by India in 2015 for developing mobile apps on the internet that are in reality malware and viruses. As many Indian Army officials downloaded these apps, sensitive information was compromised. The news made a lot of noise claiming that Pakistani hackers were behind these mobile apps.

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Nothing can be said for sure about the hackers but the neighboring counties have had hacking attacks on each other previously. The most current one is when Indian hackers ruined Pakistan government website. In the past Pakistani hackers also entered into Indian planes on which Pakistani patriotic songs started playing.

Now India has decided to fight these attacks and come up with an effective solution.

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