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Pakistani Man Cheats on His Wife, Leaves her while Performing Umrah – Video Goes Viral

A video has come up on social media where a woman is narrating a story of a man who left his wife in Madinah. The couple left from Pakistan to perform Umrah together, but the husband left his wife while performing Umrah.

The condition of the lady caught public attention. As her husband ditched her she went to the authorities of the Masjid. She had no money with her and her flight back was many days later.

This incident is narrated by a woman who found her. When she was taken to the central authorities, people made fun of her and called her a ‘drama queen’. They sarcastically smiled at her and as per the narrator, she felt shocked, that the woman is crying while the three men at the central authority are calling her a drama queen.

The response highlights the dilemma of our society. How people point fingers at the women in such situations making her feel more humiliated.

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Here is the video by the narrator


The narrator further highlighted that the number of husbands abandoning their wives is increasing day by day. Women need to empower themselves and stand up for their own rights.

The narrator added, “If a man is going to treat you like that, then you have every right to leave him, divorce him and not blame yourself.”

Its time for women to realize their own importance and for people to encourage women who are trying to stand up for themselves instead of blaming them for their husband’s actions.