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Paramount Launches Star Trek NFTs And Fans Are Outraged

So-called non-fungible tokens, better known by the abbreviation NFT, are ubiquitous these days. However, many, if not most, consider these unique “works of art” to be a scam. And so it’s not surprising that fans are on the barricades because of Star Trek NFTs.

Hardly any gaming or pop culture brand these days does without NFTs, though many fans fail to understand what these unique crypto digital assets are actually supposed to do — other than suck people’s money and destroy the environment. And so it’s not surprising that Star Trek fans are upset that Paramount is throwing its line in this exact direction.

Randomly generated spaceships for $250 and more

Anyway, Paramount teamed up with Recur and created a platform called Paramount.xyz. It aims to “bring Paramount’s beloved entertainment companies, brands and characters into the metaverse.” Specifically, the owner of the popular science fiction brand wants to sell NFTs that show “algorithmically generated spaceships”. how The verge reports, these packs cost “just” $250. However, there’s only one spaceship per pack, and the randomization means there’s only an 11% chance of getting a starship that resembles the Enterprise. The chance of a particularly beautiful ship increases (of course) if you buy a more expensive bundle.

for what? Well, uh…

What can you do with the spaceships? They will be stored in the “Star Trek Continuum” according to Paramount, which is “an experimental hub that will host this first and all future seasons of Star Trek NFTs”. The coming seasons will have to do with gathering crew members and completing missions that have so far only been vaguely defined. If you don’t understand, let me tell you: it won’t get any better.

As Paramount and Recur write in the press release that they will “build a roadmap for real-world benefits over the course of this multi-year partnership”: “Continuum owners will have access to exclusive benefits, events, and content that will benefit the NFTs, digitally and in the real world, extend the lifespan.” Needless to say, Star Trek fans are anything but impressed and the criticism is pouring in on social media. Many believe this is a scam and also contradicts Star Trek’s optimistic vision for the future and the environment.