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Paramount to launch VR Movie Cinema Experience

Do you like going to the cinema? But you are stuck with so many reasons, no time, long travel, parking issues, pricy ticket or overly priced bag of popcorns? All that keeping in mind Paramount Pictures is now focused on creating Movie theater experience for users.

The movie studio is creating a virtual reality movie theater which will let you feel that you are sitting in a cinema with big screen ahead of you. You just have to put on the VR headset to find yourself sitting in a movie theater with seats all around and a big theater screen in front of you while sitting on your couch.

The collaboration between Samsung, HTC, Facebook Oculus, Microsoft, and others would bring other dimensions of VR evolution and perhaps new distribution channel for movie studios.

In order to start the movie theater, Paramount is planning to host a showing of “Top Gun” in 3D on December 3. Fans with VR headsets can grab the movie in 30-minute increments at Bigscreenvr.com.

Paramount is meant to deliver the experience mimicking the feelings to watch 1986 blockbuster in the theater with other patrons. Besides, Paramount also has plans other movie showing in the new year. However, Paramount spokesperson was not able to immediately comment on the story.