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Partial Lunar Eclipse Will Take Place Tonight Aug 7 In Pakistan

According to the sources, Partial Moon eclipsed will be witnessed in Pakistan by tonight Aug 7 and 8. The moon eclipse will be seen over the western Pacific Ocean, Europe, Australia, Asia, Antarctica and Africa, the visibility of mood eclipse will be more visible in Western countries.

Pakistan is also going to get partial moon eclipse according to Met office, the lunar penumbral eclipse is expected to begin at 20:50 PST tonight but the visible partial eclipse will begin at 22:23 PST. The greater eclipse is expected to reach at 23:20 PST and will start reducing afterwards till 00:18 PST, Aug 8. The penumbral eclipse would end around 01:51 PST.

Solar eclipse is coming ahead

According to cosmologists, the lunar eclipse occurs one fortnight before the total solar eclipse, this means that the solar eclipse will follow tonight’s lunar eclipse after two weeks and expected to show up on 21st of August.

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But the solar eclipse on Aug 21 would not be visible in Pakistan according to Met office. The solar eclipse will be visible from North America, South America, North Pacific and South Atlantic.

The penumbral solar eclipse would begin at 20:47 PST while full solar eclipse will start at 21:50 PST which will be completed by 23:26 PST. The total solar eclipse would last till 01:02 PST Aug 21, while penumbral eclipse would end by 02:04 PST and the magnitude of this solar eclipse would be 1.0306.

As it would be night in Pakistan when the solar eclipse occurs, Pakistanis would not be able to see this with their naked eyes.