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PEMRA Issued Notice to TV Channels for Monitoring their Morning Show Content

A notice has been issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to all the satellite TV channels, which includes the instructions from the High Court Islamabad relating the content shown on the morning shows.

The notice that is shared on the PEMRA’s social media account indicates that there are serious type of complaints which is a matter of great worry for all the families that the various channels via their morning shows are involved in displaying activities and such content that is against the moral values, social ethics, Islam, cultural heritage of Pakistan and decency.

The notice did not mention the names of the morning shows. It further states that some of the content shown on the different channels most definitely falls under the category or let me say definition of pornography or obscenity. Owing to this reason PEMRA is instructed to submit a report relating this matter and to take immediate steps to prevent the telecast of such activities or content. If any channel fails to abide with the directives, then a panel action must be taken against the channel.

The notice states this with clarity that the TV channels are fully responsible for making sure that the content shown in their morning shows or other programs abides with the PEMRA laws and Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015.

Additionally, the notice mentioned that the High Court of Islamabad has ordered all the satellite TV channels to allocate ten percent of their airtime for showing public service messages.

The notice warns that if the TV channels would fail to comply with the rulings then they would be prosecuted under the PEMRA laws.

Morning shows have long been in the spotlight as they are criticised now and then for various issues, very recently Sahir Lodhi’s morning show was under fire for showing the young girls performing on item songs. The show was called unethical and indecent.

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