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People Upset as Sapphire Online Sale Ended in Minutes

Sapphire is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. Whenever there is a sale in Sapphire people get crazy. There is a rush in stores and traffic increases online.  Sapphire introduces in-store and online sale after every season.

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This season Sapphire introduced sale from 28th June to 1st July. People prefer choosing Sapphire clothes online during sale period as shopping in-store gets difficult with so much rush & anarchy.

So as people logged online to Sapphire’s website at around 12:00 am on 28th June within 3 to 4 minutes everything was sold out. It was weird and just outrageous? How is it possible that you offer sale for 5 days and it doesn’t even last 5 minutes. Items started appearing unavailable and people reacted on social media.

We will share some comments and tweets here.

“Guys Sapphire sale is so shit.”

“Didn’t find anything in sapphire online sale. All sold out just after 10 efing mins. Ya guys feel me?”

“Why do these people even make sapphire sale worth going It is so bad”


Sapphire’s sale just started few minutes ago and everything’s already sold out. cheaters.”

‘s stock was finished within 1 hour, I was luck to got 2 pieces”

These people are extremely angry as they added things in cart online and when they checked out, the cart was empty as everything was sold out.

sapphire online sale

sapphire online sale

People started commenting to Boycott Sapphire.

sapphire online sale


Whether it was a technical glitch or just a marketing strategy, people were not happy. Sapphire needs to do better than this to gain public attention.

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