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People Visiting USA Will Have To Handover Their Social Media Accounts & Passwords From October

Gus Hosein the executive director of Privacy International told BBC, “From October onwards, people applying to visit the US will have to hand over their social media accounts and passwords.”

This news is quite shocking, true there have been drastic changes in US policy since Trump regime, the government has been demanding user data from Google and other companies but taking complete hold of their social media accounts and passwords is a step through which the government will totally invade privacy of those visiting USA for any reason.

The justification given by John Kelly is that “We want to say ‘what kind of sites do you visit and give us your passwords,’ so we can see what they do.”

“We want to get on their social media with passwords – what do you do, what do you say. If they don’t want to cooperate then they don’t come in. If they truly want to come to America they’ll cooperate, if not then ‘next in line’.”

These rules will be applicable to the majority of the visitors from all countries including Western Europe, Japan, and Australia that are presently registered in America’s more suitable visa program.

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From Octobers visitors might be asked to share contacts on their mobile phones, share social-media and email passwords, give access to financial records and answer questions about ideology.

Now we come to the part ‘Is this policy Fair’? This depends. A strong leader will know how to protect his country and people without making life difficult for them. He would know the importance of giving respect and honor to a foreigner visiting their country by not raiding into his/her personal life. As for a leader who feels this is necessary must be ready for its consequences as well. People do have a voice now and this new policy by Trump will not be embraced with open arms.