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Apple Rolled Out iOS 11.0.2 update to get rid of Cracking noise in earpiece

Within the weeks after rolling out iOS 11, Apple has released yet another iOS update to fix the bugs in the previous version of the software, the most prominent and reported bug “Crackling sound coming from earpiece” affecting iPhone 8 and 8 plus. There were tons of complaints posted on social media and other news sites regarding the bug, Apple promised a swift solution to the problem to all its customers last week and now the company has officially started rolling out the new version of iOS.

This was a really quick response by the mobile giant which shows strong commitment towards customer care, MacRumors reported the latest update is available to download on all eligible devices from settings app.

The latest update iOS 11.0.2 also addresses two other major issues that were discovered in iOS 11, one was related to photos, some photos on the device became hidden due to this bug, the second one is regarding email bug.

Apple has also revamped its Apple Store in the previous iOS 11 in which the company added new features to the store. However, there were also complaints from the analysts that Apple keeps the Bluetooth feature turned on for better connectivity to the Apple Store and some other features which make the device vulnerable.

But Apple did not address the Bluetooth vulnerability issue in the latest iOS 11.0.2 update. This may be because so many application functionalities and user experience are dependent on Bluetooth running in the background.

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