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Perhaps Gmail is getting ready for emoji reactions

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Emoji reactions are available across several platforms. Even email services like Microsoft Outlook have support for it. In order to compete with Microsoft Outlook, Google is about to introduce emoji reactions to Gmail. Currently, the feature is under testing with a limited number of users.

When a client sends you a “Thank you” email, it can be uncomfortable. Do you offer another (but unnecessary) “You’re welcome!” in response, or do you just let it go? For a brief message, you don’t want to add another email to their inbox, but you also don’t want to appear to be ignoring the customer.

Gmail might soon receive emoji reactions

Sources like TheSPAndroid and AssembleDebug claim that Gmail is working on an emoji reaction feature. The strings from Gmail’s Android app reveal that the feature is currently under testing with a handful of users. Well, we will recommend taking this information with a grain of salt since there is no certainty that the feature will make it to the public or not.

There is no information on how this feature will work. For Microsoft Outlook, users can send an emoji reaction that appears as a tiny emoji in the email. Users stay unnoticed by the emoji since it saves space in the email inboxes. They merely need to look at the email to determine if an acknowledgment emoji is included. Google might adopt a similar strategy. Whatever the situation may be, it will get clear with time.

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