Finally, the Gmail mobile apps have a translation feature

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The Android and iOS apps of Gmail are set to receive the app’s native translation tool. As the name indicates, the tool is helpful in translating emails into any preferred language. After being available on the web version of the app, the feature is finally arriving on the mobile version. Given the new feature, a ‘Translate’ banner will be visible above the email body in case an email is in a foreign language. Users can set their preferred language in their account settings, which read “ Mail display language.”

As anticipated, Gmail recognizes the native language automatically. The translated version and the original version can be quickly switched between. Additionally, Gmail enables the automatic translation of all incoming emails into that language. Furthermore, you have the choice to never translate a particular language. You can do that by changing the translation settings or by responding to the prompt that displays after you remove the banner.

Do note that the banner will appear again for the same language until or unless a user clicks on the banner asking to never translate the language. Besides this, users can also manually translate emails by accessing the menu presented in the top-right corner of the screen.

Gmail mobile apps finally receive a native translation tool

The tech giant Google mentions that the native translation feature for the mobile app was a highly requested feature. Previously, users were required to access the desktop version of the app, paste the email content on Google Translate, or translate the message via Google Lens in order to read the emails received in a foreign language. According to Google, the translation tool has support for several languages.

Possibly, the mobile version of the tool is the same as the web version. So, there is a likelihood that the tool has support for more than 100 languages. The feature is not under admin control. Therefore, it will roll out to eligible users, including personal Google Account holders as well as Google Workspace customers. As per the schedule, Rapid and Scheduled Release domains will begin receiving the new tool on Tuesday, August 8, whereas other users will receive it in the coming weeks. iOS users will receive the translation tool on August 21.

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