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Perhaps Microsoft is developing a subscription service called Copilot Pro

The Copilot AI service, formerly known as Bing Chat, has been available on mobile devices for quite some time now. Users were allowed to use several features of the service, like chatting with the chatbot, generating AI images, and more, for free. According to some recent pieces of information, it seems like the service will now be offered with a Pro option. The recent evidence was found within the Android version of the Edge browser.

Further details were revealed by an APK teardown, which reveals the features that could possibly arrive in the future. However, there is a possibility that these features might not make their way to the stable version. The references to the “Copilot Pro” service were spotted in version 122.0.2336.0 and version 122.0.2342.0 of the Microsoft Edge Canary app for Android.

One of the code strings specifically refers to the Copilot Pro subscription. It appears that we have a subscription-based service that is comparable to ChatGPT Plus. Another string indicates the potential benefits of the Pro tier. Notably, the Pro tier will offer access to recent AI models, priority access for prompt responses, and the creation of “high-quality” images.

One thing to notice here is that access to features like the latest AI models and high-quality image generation is already available with the recent free version of Copilot. Therefore, we assume that Microsoft may eventually limit some of these benefits to Copilot Pro in order to cripple the free tier. Presently, in addition to 300 conversations, users have access to 30 replies per chat session on Copilot. There are no indications of improvement from this perspective in the event that a user upgrades to Copilot Pro. Things will become clear once the Pro version goes live.