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Periscope: Experimenting with live video broadcasting

live video broadcasting

Live video broadcasting is the new audience favorite of people on the internet. A lot of tech apps have joined the bandwagon. However, all this follow the crowd calling makes it hard for an average consumer to get a grasp on things. One of the live video broadcasting apps is Periscope. The platform is owned by Twitter and now it has made some changes in the interface. The app periscope has a shiny new analytics dashboard.

One thing for sure is that this is not the most groundbreaking app or innovation in the market. Remember when we heard that Meerkat is dead? Exactly.  But one thing for sure is that making a successful video on the internet particularly with no video game play or naked people is hard. The people are just not interested in watching videos. Therefore, it is hard to get their attention which is why many companies have failed to become a successful part of the live video broadcasting industry.

Live video broadcasting is becoming important for business

What we think is the way to crack the code is by knowing which sort of things work on the app or what doesn’t work. Either way it is a first to know how things can get more efficient in the genre. The analytics dashboard on Periscope will track video duration. It will also give number of viewers, hearts and number of times watched as per viewer. What we hope to see is an expansion of data on a minute per minute basis which is tied to the stream replay so that we can learn exactly where the audience loses interest. However, this dashboard too is a very impressive and solid start.

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Twitter made another announcement as well. Periscope as per Twitter will now be viewable live within the curated news stories of the social media platform as well. It is known as Moments and is a certain push of the company into the live video streaming platform. There is a chance that you don’t see your story showing up in the Moment section (when you do not get noticed by the curation team) we hope that your story is a good fit for other places.

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