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Facebook removes blasphemous content and will send a team to Pakistan

Earlier we were hearing news about blasphemous content spreading all over Facebook. The Pakistani government took a stand and requested the social media giant to get rid of the content. But no response was received until recently. A letter from Facebook said that they respect Pakistan’s law and would remove the blasphemous content from Facebook.

Some anti-Islamic individuals started all this hate-speech and spread it all over Facebook. The Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan requested Facebook to share the details of such accounts holders and remove the content. But Facebook denied to provide any information. They have a strict policy of user privacy and which do not let them disclose any such information.

But the removal of the blasphemous content remained unsolved. Nisar Ali Khan had to send a warning message if Facebook does not remove the fake content, the country will block the website. Even the Islamabad High Court also sent a message to block Facebook until the removal of blasphemous content. But no strong response the government got.

Following these threats, Facebook started the action. In a recent news, sources tell that Facebook has removed 85% of the blasphemous content and is working on the rest. Not only this, but the social media giant has shown their respect for the country’s law in a statement:

I wanted to reiterate that Facebook takes the concerns raised by the Pakistani government very seriously. We have also committed our representative to meet with you and senior officials of your government

This is an extract from a letter received from Facebook. Nisar Ali Khan has appreciated their move and marked it as a “very big improvement”.

Nisar Ali Khan also appreciated the ambassador of Pakistan in the US. He has played a great role by contact FBI and the social media company to tackle the matter seriously. And also highlighted that around 62 of such hate-spreading pages has been removed from Facebook in the past few months. And around 45 in the past few days.

The government of Pakistan wishes the rest of the content to be removed from every social media network. These content spread nothing but hate. And the misuse of freedom of speech often ended in violence. The government has shared a number of such cases where 65 individuals were murdered in the name if Islam. Actions like these must not happen and the government should be the only one tackling blasphemy.

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