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PewDiePie puts an end to subscribe meme after terrorist attacks


PewDiePie (otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg) has to a great extent let himself well enough alone for critique on the impacts of the “subscribe to PewDiePie” image that has been coursing for a considerable length of time, yet he’s currently saying something. The YouTube star has posted a video approaching watchers to end the meme about a day after a shooter at a California synagogue referenced it in his screed. While he had effectively utilized Twitter to denounce the Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooter’s reference in March, he understood the image “should have ended then” and that more was necessary.

He said he held off saying more in March since he “didn’t want to give the terrorist more attention” or to “make it about me.” Even so, he didn’t want “hateful acts” to overwhelm the “amazing things” done in his name.

The web superstar additionally recognized that two diss tunes assaulting T-Series, his adversary for the most number of YouTube supporters, had irritated others. He said they were “not meant to be taken seriously” and that he wanted to stop the “negative rhetoric.”

PewDiePie’s solicitation echoes a very well-known example on the web: he’s endeavoring to contain a moderately guiltless meme co-settled on other, here and there malignant purposes. Also, as in those cases, there’s very little the originator can do to authoritatively stop it. In any case, PewDiePie has the advantage of a gigantic crowd for his musings. He may stand a superior shot than others in endeavoring to disassociate himself from derisive acts.

You can watch his video here.

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