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World’s Top 7 Most Revenue Generating Firms Per Hour

You must be calculating your per hour wage or earning since you started working, people always wish to see their graph raising overtime. The revenue generated per month by themselves or the businesses they own.

You might be making $20 an hour or $50 an hour or even more than 100 bucks an hour, have you ever wondered what these tech giants make? Here is the rough idea of the world’s top 7 tech firms that generate millions per hour.

1 Amazon:   $28.3 million per hour

2 Apple:       $27.5 million per hour

3 Google:     $17.2 million per hour

4 Microsoft: $14.5 million per hour

5 Intel:           $7.6 million per hour

6 Facebook:  $7.1 million per hour

7 Netflix:       $2.1 million per hour

Amazon is at the top of the list which generates $28.3 million per hour followed by Apple which makes $27.5 million per hour and the third place goes for Google which makes $17.2 million per hour, Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichmen told.

There is a huge gap of $10 million between Google and Top 2 money making machines Amazon and Apple. Despite being a global search engine giant which holds almost 70% of online advertising revenue and having countless subsidiaries Google is still $10 million behind.

The fourth company that generates the most revenue per hour is Microsoft, it generates $14.5 million per hour almost half of Amazon. Intel comes at number 5 which makes $7.6 million an hour, then comes Facebook at number 6 which only generates one-fourth of Amazon, the social media giant makes $7.1 million an hour.

At the bottom you find Netflix which generate $2.1 million per hour.