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PewDiePie still maintains the title of most subscribed channel on Youtube


PewDiePie, the gamer, and youtuber, who right now flaunts in excess of 69 million followers, has had the most well known YouTube channel since 2013. Unchallenged, the Swedish-born star – genuine name Felix Kjellberg – has dependably flown ahead, with no other channel notwithstanding approaching. As of recently.

Over the previous month, the ruler of YouTube looked set to lose his royal position to T-Series, a Bollywood music brand. At a certain point, the label’s channel snuck agonizingly near Felix’s, with a negligible 140,000 subscribers between them.

Be that as it may, Felix (PewDiePie) stays cool as a cucumber as he really doesn’t appear to be irritated by the fight to the best. The internet went into a frenzy to help PewDiePie stay as the most subscribed channel on youtube.

In a standout amongst the most unusual battles in YouTube history, fans started to utilize customary publicizing techniques to advance Felix’s channel, from daily papers to radio advertisements.

One of his kindred YouTubers, Mr Beast, even purchased advertising billboards, with Pewds requesting that fans ‘do your part’ to keep him at the best. This battle speaks amply to how Youtube is trying to bring forward and support major companies as compared to giving leverage to independent content makers.

In the past week, PewDiePie has trumped T-Series in terms of subscribers gains, according to internal Tubefilter data — with a total of 943,000 as opposed to T-Series’ 834,000. PewDiePie has set a new target for his fans to achieve and the internet is already working on getting the new subscribers to maintain the top position.

That said, if you take a bigger-picture look at each channel’s growth, T-Series is still trouncing Kjellberg, with roughly 4 million subscribers gained over the past month — as compared to Kjellberg’s 2.6 million.

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