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Pixel 8 series will retain the physical SIM slot and come with new Night Sight video

The Pixel 8 series is coming soon, and online rumors regarding the new smartphone have been circulating. One of these rumors said that Google would follow Apple’s lead and completely do away with the actual SIM slot. However, a recent rumor from 9to5Google claims that, like the other Pixel handsets, the Pixel 8 series will maintain a conventional SIM slot in addition to an eSIM expansion.

Latest Night Sight video

One of the main issues with the Pixel series has always been video capture, in part because of the processor’s limitations in post-processing. However, Google is hoping to significantly improve video recording capabilities with the introduction of a new Night Sight video mode with the new Tensor G3, which comes with new Arm processors on all fronts and UFS 4.0 storage. In addition to addressing the issue of reduced frame rates in nighttime recordings, this functionality would allow users to take amazing movies in even the most difficult lighting situations.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that Google is not the only smartphone manufacturer to provide this function. For example, Oppo has long provided a 4K night video option on its high-end smartphones, although with the aid of its own image-processing processor.

Camera equipment upgrade

The main camera in the Pixel 8 series will use a new Samsung ISOCELL GN2 50MP sensor, which is an upgrade above the GN1 seen in the Pixel 7. The Sony IMX787-powered 64-megapixel ultrawide camera will also be included in the Pixel 8 series, while the 10.8-megapixel telephoto lens and its 5x optical zoom will stay the same.

Leaked pictures suggest that Google is also updating the Pixel camera app’s user interface, with the UI for photo and video functions changing based on the mode selected. On October 4, the Pixel 8

series will debut.

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