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Several companies are interested in investing in ARM’s IPO

According to some recent pieces of information, some big tech companies are interested in investing in ARM’s IPO. Notably, Apple, Alphabet, Samsung, AMD, Intel, and Nvidia all intend to invest in ARM. ARM is basically a British chip design firm that is owned by Softbank. It is worth $50-$55 billion. Softbank owns a 25% stake in the company. As per Reuters reports, discussions are being held among investors for the investment opportunity in ARM’s IPO.

There are currently no updates on specific investments made by companies. However, according to the source, NVIDIA, Apple, Samsung, and other companies have committed to contributing between $25 million and $100 million to ARM’s IPO in the form of long-term investments. According to reports, 10% of the shares that will be auctioned in the IPO have been set aside by ARM and SoftBank.

Previously, some reports suggested that Amazon was also interested in IPO investments. However, the company has pulled out due to some unknown reasons. Of course, companies like Apple and Samsung will benefit from investment in ARM’s IPO since ARM is known for providing basic chip architecture and designs. Samsung aims to strengthen its business ties with ARM and prevent the world’s largest chipmaker from taking a position in the chip sector.

The report suggests that a joint investment won’t grant any specific company a specific seat on ARM’s board. In this way, it will help strengthen the ties between different companies, and side by side it will be harder for companies to take over ARM in the future. The bug tech names mentioned in the report refused to respond to this report.

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