Pixel phones users got a latest ‘Call Screen’ trick

Pixel devices will now inquire about the caller if it is urgent. providing Android users with an additional means of preventing interruptions while they’re working on something. The Call Screen function on Google Pixel phones, including the most recent Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models, includes this clever new trick.

One would want a Pixel phone for many reasons. The call screen is undoubtedly one of the most practical explanations, though. Spam calls are annoying to everyone, but with a Pixel device’s generative AI, Call Screen can eliminate them by making them, so you never even have to know they’re there. For some call types, Google is even planning to enhance the feature by including more relevant responses.

The Pixel Call Screen function will inquire with your contacts about the urgency of calls

It is currently feasible to screen and filter calls from unknown numbers and spam using Call Screen. However, there are instances when you just don’t want to be disturbed when friends or family call. Or you would like to answer the call later since you are currently busy. The phone can now ask your contacts if a call is urgent, so you can decide whether to answer it right away, thanks to the new Call Screen trick.

Mishaal Rahman noticed the functionality over on X (via Android Police), noting that when a contact phone is in, a new “ask if urgent” chip from Google Assistant appears on the screen. The question about the urgent chip might only appear for contacts. Though whether this is the case hasn’t been established, It’s also unknown if this additional chip will be visible to all Pixel phone owners. However, it seems like it was rolling out before these past three days. Therefore, if it hasn’t already been noticed by you, it might do so in the upcoming weeks.

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