Threads has reached nearly 100M monthly active users

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It was confirmed by Meta’s CEO that Threads has nearly 100 million active users. Zuckerberg also confirmed that Threads is soon to reach a family of 1 billion users. Early in July was the original release date of Threads. Since then, Meta has advertised it on all platforms to boost the number of users. Users began to lose interest in Threads, despite Meta’s intention to make it a competitor for X. According to a recent report, there was a 40% decrease in Threads usage in the United States in September compared to July.

Statistics from Meta’s third-quarter earnings conference show that Threads has close to 100 million monthly active users, even on days when users aren’t spending as much time on the platform. The business declined to provide the precise figure. Additionally, Zuckerberg envisions Threads as a “billion-person public conversation app.” If the team gives in some more days, the CEO of Meta stated that the aim is attainable.

Meta’s CEO hopes for thread to become a billion-person app

Threads was able to hit 100 million users in just five days after its launch, making it the fastest-growing platform. Of course, Instagram’s user base has a big part to play in this accomplishment. Following the initial frenzy surrounding the app, people began contrasting Threads with X and discovered that the former offered nothing new. With more than 130 million users as of right now, Threads is once again becoming more popular in app stores.

On his Threads profile, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri also commemorated the new achievement. He declared that to enhance the user experience, the team is developing new upgrades. To increase interest in the app, Meta has started sharing thread postings on Facebook.

Nevertheless, there has been controversy surrounding the move from the start. For privacy reasons, a lot of users say they want Facebook to be unable to see their thread posts. Unexpectedly, Meta doesn’t have an opt-out option, which means there’s no way to keep your thread posts off the Facebook feed.

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