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Play Store is promoting TikTok in landscape mode

Alongside making its other features better, Google is also working on making its Android platform a better experience for tablet users. The company is collaborating with various platforms to do so. According to information from 9to5 Mac, tiktok has released its latest version of the app in landscape mode, which is being promoted by Google on the App Store.

Although TikTok offered the option of scrolling the app vertically, it wasn’t particularly useful. It eventually became an issue for tablet users. It’s quite inconvenient to use bigger tablets in such a manner only to watch some content from TikTok. Observing the situation, the company has come up with the solution of launching the application in a landscape version. This version of the application is handy for people who are using the application on tablets.

Google is promoting Tiktok’s landscape version on the Play Store

Tiktok is said to be the most popular application of the century. So the promotion of it on the Google Play Store makes sense from this perspective. When you open the Play Store, a banner on the side of your screen shows you the option of using it on your tablet.

We can see the option of flipping the device for a better experience with some interesting graphics. You can grab the app from the Play Store and enjoy it on your tablets.

Tiktok, in landscape mode, is a better way to use applications in horizontal placement. Your home buttons, along with friends, inbox, and profile buttons, are available on the left corner of your screen in a vertical line.

You can see the video you are watching alongside these features. The video is visible in the same way as on your phones. A follow button for an account appears at the top, while music information for the video appears at the bottom.Profile information will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen, along with comments, saves, and shares of the video on the right side of the video.

The comments on the video can be seen on the right corner of the screen. This latest version of the application will provide you with an amazing application experience along with a better usage experience.