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The Stadia controller is going to receive Bluetooth support soon

Previously, Google announced that it is going to shut down Stadia. Most of the users were left disappointed with this news. For some of the users, it was a masterpiece. While for others it was nothing more than a nice controller. And it is quite obvious that without any wireless connections and Bluetooth support, how can a device be meaningful? It won’t be more than a waste.

However, there is a significant chance that can improve the usability of the Stadia controller i.e., Bluetooth support for the controller. In this way, the controller could be used with any platform that has support for Bluetooth. Now it seems like the voice of enthusiastic users has been heard. Since Google is at work introducing Bluetooth support to the controller.

Well, that wait won’t be that long. As Google assured users that the support will be rolled out by next week. The information by the company was shared on the Stadia forum post. Dan the Community Manager from Google mentions that the support will be presented in the form of a self-serve tool. It indicates that the users will have the access to a tool that will require unlocking in order to use Bluetooth support.

More specifically, it appears that users will have to plug in the controller via a USB-C port. Followed by plugging in, the next step will be running the tool. After the tool completes running. Support for Bluetooth will get added. As of now, no official date has been mentioned by the company for the availability of the tool. However, it has mentioned the next week. Furthermore, the company has stated that further information will be shared prior to the launch date.

For Stadia users, this is a piece of big news. Sadly, Stadia could be gone by the time the feature appears.

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