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Diablo 4 Video leak shows unfiltered and unfinished gameplay

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At the weekend there was probably the biggest gaming leak of all time, a hacker published videos from a pre-build of GTA 6. But that’s not the only game that was unplanned made public, because Diablo 4 was also there it leaked material. The next part of the Diablo series is of course no longer a real secret, Activision Blizzard announced the game a long time ago.

Information about the gameplay and the associated video insights are not uncommon, for example, the makers publish quarterly updates on the intermediate status of the development. Nevertheless, the videos that Blizzard gives to the public are certainly carefully selected or polished, a real and in a way, “unfiltered” view of the game does not exist yet. But now we are via Reddit a good 40 minutes of gameplay surfaced (via VGC), which are actually two videos, one short and one that is 38 minutes long. Leaked barbarian gameplay from the Friends & Family beta.

The source of the footage is unknown, Redditor iV1rus0 writes that it appears to have come from the Diablo 4 Family & Friends beta test. It’s not the first time information has leaked out. But in contrast to a leak from August, the two videos that have now surfaced were not published directly by participants in this test.

Leaker probably wanted to show the game to a small circle

From the fact that in the shorter of the two clips, users are talking to each other (and also what the people are talking about), one can conclude that someone streamed it on Discord and someone recorded this transmission. However, Blizzard will certainly not have any problems identifying the person responsible here, because the video shows watermarks all over the screen.

These will certainly “help” the leaker to a ban and maybe even more, even if that wasn’t intended to the extent. In any case, the material shows barbarian fighting his way through the gloomy Diablo 4 world. Although the textures are still missing in one place or another, there are already voiced dialogues and you can also see the character view and the in-game shop.