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PlayStation 5 Jailbreak For Firmware 4.03 Arrives With Numerous Bugs

Almost two years after the launch of the Playstation 5, there is now a jailbreak – the PS5 is officially “cracked”. However, the jailbreak is not very reliable, but the homebrew fans are quite euphoric. SpecterDev has released a PS5 IPV6 kernel exploit that can be used on older firmware versions. Its jailbreak is based on the Webkit vulnerability as an entry point.

This works on any PS5, including PS5 Digital Edition, with firmware 4.03. The newer firmware does not work at the moment because the Webkit vulnerability has already been fixed there. With older versions, the jailbreak must be adjusted. From the first reports that a jailbreak of the PS5 is theoretically possible to the announcement of the successful bypass, around ten months have passed.

Not Stable Yet

Jailbreaking a PS5 console remains an uncertain undertaking. According to the first reports, the attempt to use the exploit often fails. It often takes several attempts for the jailbreak, they say. “The stability of this exploit is around 30 percent and there are several potential bugs”, reports Wololo. The now successful jailbreak is not yet complete.

Only kernel-level access allows full control over the PS5 firmware. It can theoretically do anything from removing system-level restrictions to applying custom patches and mods to games or running unsigned software like homebrew applications and pirated games.

Thanks to the exploit, you currently get read and write access, but no execution rights. SpecterDev believes that there will still be a lot of work to be done before that can be achieved.