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PlayStation Messages app is facing a malicious bug problem

PlayStation Messages app

Malignant message crashes aren’t only for cell phones, it appears. Various PS4 proprietors have revealed getting PSN messages where an unrecognized character adequately bricks their consoles, making them crash and abandoning them unfit to start properly. What’s more, erasing any rogue messages (regularly by leaving the discussion in the PlayStation Messages app on mobile) isn’t sufficiently independent from anyone else – you need to either remake the database in Safe Mode or factory reset the system.

You can dispense with the shot of an antagonistic message by going into your settings (either in the console or the PlayStation Messages app), visiting account administration, and after that changing your security settings so messages are either constrained to friends or turned off.

Sony has not given a statement on the problem as yet. The organization can almost certainly address this with a product update, and it’s moderately simple to protect yourself meanwhile.

In any case, little uncertainty the results are not kidding. Most telephone situated bugs are troublesome, however, won’t really keep you from utilizing your different applications on your gadget. Here, a prankster is rendering your PS4 viably inoperable until the point when you stroll through some careful troubleshooting steps.

If you receive the message, delete it from Sony’s PlayStation Messages app for Android or iOS instead of opening it on your console.

There are reports that deleting the suspect message with Sony’s smartphone app before powering on your console and signing in to PlayStation Network is enough to avoid problems.

If you’re affected and find your PS4 acting funky even after getting rid of the message, you might want to boot the console in safe mood and rebuild the database. This process shouldn’t impact any of your saved data.

Sony’s PS4 messaging app is a free download and available on both Android and iOS.

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