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WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature Gets an Update

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The most excessively used messaging app—WhatsApp is keen on exciting its users with new features or updates. WhatsApp’s “Delete for Everyone” feature is updated with some new rules.

The aforementioned feature was the most awaited of all. It was launched for all some months back. This was introduced to counter the embarrassment one experiences when sending a wrong message mistakenly to somebody else other than the desired recipient. This feature permits the users to delete embarrassing texts.  Furthermore, the messages could be deleted within an hour eight minutes and sixteen seconds (01:08:16), after that the users would not be able to delete the messages.

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The update to the feature is that WhatsApp has revised the recipient limit. According to WABetaInfo, the new update means that if a user wants to delete a message for all, and the receiver has not got the message request within thirteen hours eight minutes and sixteen seconds (13:08:16) then the message would not be annulled.

This could happen if the receiver’s mobile phone is switched off for more than the mentioned time limit. So whenever, the receiver would be switching on the mobile he would get the embarrassing text of the sender, as the receiver would not have received the revoke request.

This update would be providing safeguard against the users who use a modified version of the application and the used revoke messaged sent long time back.

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