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Playstation Vue’s now on Apple TV

Playstation Vue’s

Currently, Apple does not have its own television streaming service. Users can watch live television on Apple’s set-top box, now. This is good news for Apple users and has been made possible by Sony’s Playstation Vue’s which is now on Apple TV application. The service is now on Apple TV fourth generation devices and offers every Vue’s standard feature. The company claims that the feature has cloud DVR, it supports simultaneous streams and works with the Siri Remote.

Playstation Vue’s better than Sling TV

There are many people who do not own a PlayStation gaming console. Sony is working to bring the service to more platforms and make it accessible. In October it became available on Android TV and today it became available for Mac and PC users. It was one of the top user requests which is now fulfilled. Sony PlayStation Vue’s is trying to compete with Sling TV, Hulu’s live TV service and AT&T’s DirecTV. The major selling point of the service is the cloud DVR which gives it an edge over every competition in the market. The service however, lost all its Viacom channels. The feature set and user experience are its other selling points.

With Sony PlayStation Vue’s stream option is five which means that users can open up more than five screens at a time to watch their favorite channels. Sling TV on the other hand allows only 3 simultaneous streams. Channels like NBS, ESPN, NFL Network and Fox are subjected to area location.

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Users are able to add premium networks like AMC, HBO and Showtime to their package as well. The price range of these is very different as well. Basic package users will be able to use Vue’s channels differently than those who include premium sports, movies or other networks.

Vue stands out because of its expansion support to other devices and simultaneous streams. It also has a very simple layout with a super easy user interface. It comes down to being one of the top services that will probably strive in the Web-TV market.

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