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McDonald’s experiments with Virtual reality industry

Virtual reality indsutry

Virtual reality indsutry is making its way fast into digital marketing. A lot of companies are switching to VR as a component in their integrated marketing strategy. Google is an active player in the virtual reality industry. Oculus rift, Vive and Sony Playstation VR headset are just mere examples of how quickly tech companies are establishing their name in the virtual reality industry.

The charm of Virtual reality can be used in any marketing campaign to make it go viral. It attracts a lot of people and possibly helps in selling the product. McDonalds the fast food selling company has just dabbled into the virtual reality marketing industry. The company came up with its VR advertisement so that people would actually experience how it is like eating their burgers. Personally, this is a terrific tactic to lure in customers and depicts how McDonalds is trying to be ahead of the curve.

Virtual reality industry is the new marketing game-changer

McDonalds has had pretty terrific marketing tactics which explains why it has been able to sustain itself in the fast food industry for so long. The fast food chain outlet has been experimenting with new models. The McCafe Coffee shop launched in Australia in the 90s and then it jumped to the create your taste concept. The concept is based on creating your own order like shake shack does.

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The service has now reinvented itself, yet again, with a “Just For You” model. It is available in some international locations and is now in the US market as well. The big touchscreens kiosks that let customers customize their orders. It also allows payment through Apple or Android pay which is a major selling factor. It now offers table service as well. The interior has gotten a new style as well.

The company has also released a video for Google Cardboard which shows how would it feel eating a McDonalds burger in the stylish new outlet.


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