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The new Podo $50 bluetooth camera sticks anywhere

Podo $50 bluetooth camera

Smartphone photography is getting boring. No matter how many advanced pixel cameras Apple and Samsung use it seems that users are over the phase. The selfie stick came to the rescue and smartphone photography was revived, again. Now, podo is back to revive the art of photography at a very cheap price too. Podo $50 bluetooth camera is a fun alternative to shaky tripods and boring phones. Podo performed a smashing campaign hit in crowdfunding campaign. It is back with a camera that turns any surface into an impromptu tripod with a sticky back. The sticky back can stick to any surface.

Podo $50 bluetooth camera is what you need right now

The 2nd generation Podo $50 bluetooth camera is available on kickstarter and is available for pre-orders. The company will be taking orders till 12th October and will start shipping as early as 2017.

The camera weighs 1.8 ounces and has 8 megapixels camera. It also comes with an 8 LED flash and 8 GB memory. The battery can shoot up to 2 hours of video and sticks to anything and everything. The camera can stick anywhere and is a cheap alternative to the selfie stick. Users can just wash the surface to make the surface sticky again.

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The Bluetooth camera offers great flexibility and can turn any surface to a tripod. It does not require any SD card since, the pictures get transferred to user mobile. TechCrunch reports that the biggest selling point of this camera is the new sensor featuring larger pixels. Podo offers good thermal performance and won’t overheat. It also means less digital noise and a better dynamic range.

The company already crossed its $50, 000 crowd-funding goal on kickstarter. It will start shipping product soon. The camera seems like a fresh breath in photography.

Image via Kickstarter