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Facebook live feature is now available on desktop

facebook live feature

Facebook live feature was only previously available on mobile phones. Now, the feature is making its way to the desktop as well. For people who do not know, Facebook live feature is a real-time video sharing initiative by Facebook. Usually people can live broadcast their work or themselves through this feature to their followers/friends. Facebook live feature was only available on mobile phones but then the demand grew and so it is now shifting to desktop as well.

Facebook live feature makes interacting more fun

The social networking site said in a news statement that it will be rolling out a desktop version of the feature as well. The desktop version isn’t available for everyone but it will be by the end of this year. A small percentage of the population can use this feature from their desktops as well.

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During broadcasts people can type in comments in live stream, which wasn’t available in the mobile version of the app. The expansion to live video on desktop comes as a bit of surprise move. It was previously competing with periscope but is now actively competing against youtube and twitch streamers. Youtube has also launched a version of live streaming as well.

Facebook will in particular monetize video uploaded by popular users just like Youtube’s ad dollars. This move will break the hold of monetization by Youtube. The Facebook live feature will help journalists, bloggers and other entertainment industry people to reach out to the people in real time. It also makes interaction easier and entertainers can directly communicate with the audience.

It also comes as a solid move in the realm of message communication and feedback. People can leave comments or their questions in the comment section of the stream which can be answered. This direct communication is a new step by the social networking site that will monetize videos on platform.

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