Most Popular Cars In Pakistan In 2016 And 2017

most popular cars in pakistan

In Pakistan overall Cars Sales are on the rise in the year 2016-17, almost all the automakers witnessed increase in sales during this period. In this article we will analyze the popularity of Cars in Pakistan and rank them accordingly.

We have analyzed the car’s popularity by two critical indicators, “Total number of Units Sold” being the first indicator and “Sales Growth Percentage” being the second indicator. To read the complete sales figures visit article “Car Sales Rose In Pakistan”

1 Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R has become the most popular car in Pakistan during 2016-17 from July to May period. The car has witnessed 88.53% increase in sales as compared to previous period and sold 16,006 units in total.

2 Honda City And Civic

As we do not have separate figures for two variants therefore, we couldn’t analyze the popularity of single car, it seems Honda city might be the 2nd most popular car in Pakistan because the presence of Honda Civic is quite less as compared to Honda City. Collectively Honda Civic Plus City sales grew by 46.62% as compared to previous period and sold 34,896 units in 2016-17.

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3 Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is the third or call it fourth after Honda City And Civic most popular car in Pakistan. Suzuki sold 15,238 units of Cultus during this period and the sales grew by 2.61% as compared to previous period.

4 Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is the 2nd most selling car in Pakistan; the company has sold 35,252 units in the last 11 months ahead of collective sales of Honda City and Civic. But the sales only grew by 1.62% as compared to previous period. Taking both factors into the account the car is the 4th most popular in the country.

5 Suzuki Swift

Though, Suzuki Swift sales growth is 2.92% ahead of Mehran and Cultus but the number of units sold by the company is quite thin comparatively. Suzuki sold only 3871 units of Swift during this period.

6 Toyota Corrolla

Toyota Corrolla can be placed at number one in terms of total units sold, the company has sold 53,410 units in the previous period of 2015-16 which plunged to 49,667 units in 2016-17. Toyota Corrola sales fell by 7.01% in the current year. Toyota Corrolla is the only car which saw negative growth in sales while all other autos saw significant improvement. This seriously questions the popularity of Toyota Corrolla.

Final Words

The growing popularity of Wagon-R could correlate to the ride-hailing companies. Many People are investing in Uber and Careem services and Wangon-R is the car which satisfies the requirements of ride-hailing companies while keeping the costs low. Wagon-R is the best investment option for investors under Rs. 11 lac. The popularity of Honda City and Civic is due to their sleek new deigns and variations in the cars. Honda maintains the popularity by offering most stylish cars in the market.

Toyota on the other hand is losing the grip, Toyota needs to seriously think about improving design and quality of the product along with pricing.