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Audi A8 2018 Nvidia-powered Level 3 Autonomous Car—Unveiled

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During the Audi Summit in Barcelona this week, Audi has lifted the veils over its new Audi A8 2018 a level 3 Autonomous Vehicle powered by Nvidia.

One of the most stylish German Automaker unveiled the main features in the car, The Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot, an artificial intelligent driver assistance technology which is optimized to use in traffic jams.

The Traffic Jam Assistance is powered by Audi’s “Zfas” CPU—and it is the world’s first ever traffic jam technology. The (TJP) user the sensors and laser scanner to analyze the area available around the car for autonomous driving.

It is achieved through incredibly fast data processing; the data from sensors is processed at 2.5 billion inputs per second—pretty large number, in order to create a precise action.

It serves similar to Auto-pilot in planes, after taking-off and gaining the desired altitude it’s normally set to auto-pilot mode for few hours before landing. Similarly, the feature can be activated with a single button on the console located in center, once the traffic speeds away it will start prompting with audio and visual notifications to take back the control of the vehicle

The system can be used at the speeds up to 60kmh on the roads using navigation system and sensors. The Audi A8 2018 includes Nvidia-powered MIB plus infotainment system and interfaces which create a “Virtual cockpit.”

The car is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. by next year.

Audi’s Chairman, Rupert Stadler says, “This car of the future will make the users’ life much easier with the help of artificial intelligence.”

“Audi is deploying digital technologies throughout its business including, operations, production, Sales & Marketing, supply chain in order to leverage the opportunities technology is bringing to the businesses, and explore more opportunities for future growth”, said the company.

Audi announced its partnership with Nvidia earlier this year aimed at bringing level 4 autonomous cars on the roads by 2020.

Audi has also announced that it is collaborating with German automotive supplier ZF to work together on Pro AI self-driving system. The fully autonomous self-driving system will use all available means such as; Cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors to process data in order to navigate vehicle surroundings.

Nvidia has also partnered with Baidu, Toyota, Volvo, Autoliv, Tomtom, Zenrin and others in order to make services even better.

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