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Popular podcast app will soon be available on Galaxy Watches


On Galaxy Watches and other Wear OS smartwatches, the well-known podcast app Pocket Casts will soon be available. During the Android Wear era, Pocket Casts featured a smartwatch app. The versatile podcast software will soon be accessible on Wear OS smartwatches since the wearables market has switched to this platform.

The most recent information indicates that the Pocket Casts Wear OS app is still being worked on because the company’s mobile clients were open sourced in October 2022. However, GitHub’s “First Release of Wear OS Watch App” has a project issue, and conversations for a Wear OS app began at the tail end of last year.

The smartwatch app Pocket Casts can provide direct downloads

The watch app will be the main emphasis of the developers’ work, as stated on the GitHub page. After the initial launch, the ability to operate Pocket Casts from the phone will be introduced. Also, Pocket Casts hopes to copy a ton of functionality from the Pocket Casts iOS Watch app, at least in the beginning.

Only “Pocket Casts Plus” subscribers get access to downloading features in the Pocket Casts iOS Watch app. Hence, the Wear OS software might also offer this feature. Currently under development for the Wear OS software by Pocket Casts are a Now Playing screen, browsing, and downloads.

When it comes to podcasts and other types of audio streaming, Spotify has been a significant participant. The app for YouTube Music will shortly receive a podcast capability update. It makes natural that the well-known podcasting app, Pocket Casts, would enter the market given how widely Wear OS 3 is utilized.

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