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Twitter Periscope’s videos in archive will be permanently removed from the platform soon

Farewell Periscope

It’s been quite a time since you thought of using Periscope. Most probably, you haven’t even thought about that in that time. This app reached its peak of popularity as it provided the most efficient way to start up a broadcast video. But this popularity has diminished quite quickly, and today we aren’t even thinking about this feature anymore. Twitter ended up with this policy in 2021, as it was no longer useful to keep it. Although, with ending this feature, the platform took care of users streaming videos. These videos were kept safe until now. But for now, the platform is not planning to remove them any time soon. They will no longer be available after that.

For your archived Periscope videos, a warning message probably appeared when you opened Twitter in the last few days. Additionally, a new notice advising users to download their films before they vanish forever has been pinned to the Periscope FAQ website. Twitter is currently “encouraging” users to download the files or “risk losing them,” but isn’t exactly being explicit about when they’ll be taken down.

Since several days, platform has been warning users in the form of a popup for archived videos that were made using the feature of Periscope. You can reach out for your data from this site. It will show you all the videos that are stored in the archives. Than you can download the ones you need from them. However, you’ll only have a week to download those videos from the day your request is processed.

However, if the deadline has passed, you can fairly submit another application, which will provide you with another deadline of a week. Also, if you are not interested in fetching your data from the website, you can download your archived data from the settings menu. It’s more likely to download your archived videos as soon as possible. We aren’t sure if the platform will make another announcement before removing that data permanently.

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