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Preorder Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus In Pakistan Is Now Available: Costs Rs.87000

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Korean Tech giant was welcomed by preorders in the US and EU markets, where it has managed to break the previous preorder records, Samsung’s CEO also said that the sales of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are expected to reach the highest levels as compared to its predecessors.

Samsung preorders began couple of weeks earlier in Korea, US and EU markets as well as around the world, but Pakistanis had to wait a little to make pre-orders, now you can preorder your favorite handset without waiting. You can access Samsung’s website for pre-orders.

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As pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus started April 10, you can grab the opportunity to have it first amongst your friends and get it delivered to you by latest 25th of April.

Samsung Galaxy S8 color and Price

Long waited Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in 3 colors, Black, Maple gold and Orchid grey, Samsung has also set the prices for S8 and S8 plus which are Rs. 87,000 and Rs. 97,000 Respectively.

Samsung also offering coupon worth of Rs. 6,000 with pre-order of S8 and S8 plus which makes it even cheaper. If you slice off the price of coupon from the actual price then you are buying the S8 device at Rs. 81,000 and S8 plus at Rs. 91,000.

Pre-orders in Korea, US and rest of the world shows that Samsung was not much affected by the debacle it came across few months back when it recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices.

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This Flagship handset from Samsung is either going to make or break the Samsung mobile brand. The features of Samsung Galaxy S8 are leaked few months ago, which translates it to be the best handset in the market, but it still have to be used and reviewed by genuine users, only that could rate it in real time.

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