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Progressive Web App [PWA] by Zoom will now be the default setting on Galaxy Chromebooks


Previously, the Zoom app on Chromebook was accompanied by essential features. It didn’t present many of the updates available with Windows and other platforms offering the app. But soon the matter caught the attention and a Progressive Web App (PWA) of Zoom was launched last year. It had some additional features. Ultimately, Zoom now defaults to its Progressive Web App specifically on Chromebooks.

In other words, when you will open the Zoom app on your Samsung Galaxy Chromebook or any other Chromebook, the Progressive Web App will be available as default settings. The old Chrome app was substituted by the Zoom Progressive Web App in 2021. A new UI was introduced. It presented various features like reactions, background modification, and more.

With time, stability and features have been gathered under the Zoom Progressive Web App. Initially, various issues were presented which now seem to have been resolved. When joining a meeting Zoom always defaulted to the Chrome app on Chromebooks, regardless of the disposal of Zoom’s PWA. The Chromebook users were required to download the Zoom app whenever they attempted to join a meeting using the link.

Though, the Chrome app was winding up as of August 2022. Still, the prompt page indicating the users to install the app remained for some time. As of now, Zoom has rejuvenated the process. The app now defaults to its PWA on Chromebooks. The new page features the “Launch Meeting” button. Thus, redirecting the users to the Zoom PWA.

Furthermore, the Zoom Progressive Web App is now equipped with a refreshed icon when you install the app on your device. In addition to this, the support for interpretation of sign language is also available. Moreover, users can share files in the meeting chat. A variety of other features have also been introduced.