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Google Meet and Zoom announce their collaboration

Google and Zoom announce their collaboration. The two platforms have announced interoperation facilities. Thus, allowing the users to join Google Meet meetings from Zoom Rooms and Zoom meetings from Google Meet hardware. No added licensing cost will be charged given this interoperability.

Meetings can be accessed directly from the Calendar or by entering the meeting codes, as said by Google. Moreover, administrators will be given access to enable the features for registered devices of the organization. Cross-platform meetings could be given access to trusted devices. Initially, the update will be released for ChromeOS-based Meet devices. Later the update will be rolled onto other devices. All Zoom Rooms across the devices will be given the facility to support Meet interoperability.

In today’s modern society, hybrid work culture demands remote collaboration as well as virtual meetings. Given this perspective, collaboration can go a long way and benefit the targeted audiences. Google is also aiming to solve the particular issue faced by organizations when connecting with people outside of their organization.

The current collaboration with Zoom is not the first of its kind. Previously, in September 2022, Google joined hands with Cisco Webex devices. This interoperability was called Pexip Google Meet. It enables the users to join Meet calls via third-party video conferencing devices. However, the collaboration with Zoom is regarded as one of the biggest. Since both Google and Zoom are among the widely sued videoconferencing platforms.

Additionally, Google has decided to go with the flow. Since Android-based devices are gaining popularity. That is why Google has announced Android-based Meet devices. Poly and Logitech will serve the role of first partners in helping Google deliver Meet for Android-based devices.

Some feature specifications of Poly

The Studio X family by Poly showcase 3 Google Meet camera with distinct sizes. The details are as follows:

  • Studio X30 for small rooms
  • Studio X50 for medium rooms
  • Studio X70 for large rooms
  • intelligent camera framing
  • non-verbal noise filter
  • a shield that protects calls from outside sounds

poly is expected to announce the first set of Meet products by early 2023.


Logitech holds Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. Both will be launched for Google Meet in 2023. Rally Bar compensates for medium-to-large rooms whereas Rally Bar Mini caters to the need for small-to-medium rooms. The company has promised to introduce cinematic video, crystal-clear audio, s well as other advanced intelligent features.

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